Sunday, July 10, 2016

Goin Hard....

Well Hey there Family! How are yous?

     So this week was a pretty good one! A few disappointments but a few great experiences! I will start off with the downer experience. So ever since I have been here I have been working a good amount with a Less Active YSA Family. It's 3 girls whose parents have moved to Australia but they wanted to stay here so they did. Laney is 25 with a daughter who is 3 Mila. Then Bre is 22, and Tatianna is 17. So we have been trying to get them to just come to church... Like I have been there at least once a week for like 4 months. That is a lot of times! Bre and Tatianna have been to church a few times, which is awesome! They are getting fellow shipped back into the ward. But Laney hasn't been at all... She is the tough case one... We will go over and just chat and laugh and share lessons, so we have had heaps of fun over there! We just don't understand what Laney needs... its hard to see her reject what we have shown her will help her... I just hope that I get more time here to see her do something. 

       So moving on, We will have transfers this week. I am hoping and praying that I will get the chance to stay here with Elder Summers! We have a lot of work coming and I really want to be a part of it! I love this ward and this area more than I have with any other area! I have fallen in love with the Hood!! I am loving it here! Even with the Dogs and weird people! Its Heaven down here!!!

       Now for a really cool Experience we have been having! So there is a less active guy named George that we have been working with HEAPS! We saw him 3 times in the last week and he is really trying to become better! He is working so hard to become a better person. He is trying to get his son from his ex partner. So he really wants to be a better person and is making huge changes in his life! He has given up alcohol and has given up drugs and is just working on cigarettes. He is really making so many changes in his life!!! Its cool to see a 40 year old man almost in tears while he is figuring out how to change his life!

        A Quick update on the Isaako's, They were at church yesterday! Which was so cool! They are really becoming a good part of the ward!  It's cool that the ward has been fellow shipping them so much. I love that family!

                            Love yous! Have a great day!
             For P-day last week we had a 4th of July feed at the park...Elder Summers and I came ready to party!

Trying to fix my broken didn't work out so well though!

S mores!

Mission Leadership Conference
Elder Seelos

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