Monday, July 25, 2016

Warm prospects, cold weather, and HOT meat pies.....

 Well this week for me was a good one! It had its ups and downs! A lot of teaching but a lot of dropped appointments also... So good and bad depending on the day!

     We were able to have Trade off this week with Elder Leung and Elder Andrew! Which went really well! I was able to go into their area for the day with Elder Leung! I served with Elder Leung in Waterview so we know eachother pretty well! It was nice to have a break and not have to worry about leading an area! I love Favona ward and all of the work in it, but its always nice to be able to relax and not have to worry about what we are doing all day! There is a big popular NZ singer called Swiss, well we met him. Hes a pretty cool guy! Not a member but loves the missionaries!

      Update on Violet, She is really annoying us... She has dropped like a million appointments and makes excuses on EVERYTHING! Its really hard to teach her because we have to have a 3rd man with us to get into the house but all of her appointments drop, so we feel bad dragging a member out to her appointment only for her to drop it... We keep thinking she is so close but we are now realizing how far she really is... We will keep working with her but will have to really figure out what she really wants to do and what her commitment is!

      I didn't see the Isaako's all week, which was weird. Elder Summers saw them last week with Elder Andrew on trade off so they were seen but not by me. Then they didnt come to Church, which was really disappointing. We will hopefully be catching up with them soon!

      We are really in a finding mode this week! We tried really hard to get more people that we can go teach and visit! So we went tracting a few times, from that we met 2 people that we can go back and see! One is a like 30ish year old lady, we talked to her at the door for a little while and then she said we could come back sometime. The only issue is that she will be moving soon out of the area... The struggles of a small as area... The other lady that we met is like a 40ish year old lady who is married to a Sikh (Indian religion) guy from India. That one was weird. She said she was busy then we talked to her about her religion, she was catholic but married this guy and follows him. Then we asked if we could come back at a better time and she said that they had missionaries visiting about a year ago before they moved. We were honestly so surprised! It was weird. Well they said it would be all good if we came back and saw them again! So we will try again! Also at church we met a new member of the ward. He just moved in and he asked for our number and told us that he wanted to go out with us sometime soon and then said that he is living with his less active brother in law and his non member partner... So he wants us to come over and see them and the Partner is apparently wanting to take the discussions! So hopefully he will get back to us soon on when!

Love yous and hope you have a great week!

Elder Seelos
MEAN member drop off!  We love our ward!

Meat pies are delish!

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