Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Transfers and Tongan Tattoos

        So for all who do not know! I have been given the opportunity to stay in my area with my Companion for another Transfer! I am so excited!!! I was really hoping and praying that I would get to stay with Elder Summers here. I have really fallen in love with this ward and this area! I have no desire to leave or to go anywhere else! So now I have another 6 weeks here! I will have a really hard time saying goodbye one day!
        This week was a really weird one... We had transfers, which always makes things interesting! Its a good and a bad thing! I was happy and sad with transfers... I was happy with a few of the people that left because I was honestly getting annoyed by some of the people... So it was good fro a change! I was also very happy to see Elder Neria, ( Was with me and Elder Willardsen in Henderson ) He is now in the Samoan Ward in Penrose! Because of transfers Elder Summers and I had to spend a lot of time just running errands basically! Which sucked. It took a lot of time out of what we could have been doing! But that is how it is I guess!

       We went to the Mafi's fireside yesterday, it was so good. I loved it. We are heading over there for P-day today because it is their little boys first birthday. They are sooo good to the missionaries. We love them so much! The youth in our ward are doing a dance right now for youth conference at the end of the month. So we are going to stop by this week and hang out with them!
        We have been visiting an older Less Active lady in the ward. She was baptized like 30 years ago with her first Husband. When they divorced she stopped going to church and she started smoking and drinking with a few other partners. She is now living with her 7 year old Grandson Nesian in a Government house. She has been smoke free for about 4 months now and is making amazing progress! We are trying to help her get to church and get the ward involved. Its cool to see how we are able to help people out in this church! She was struggling and Bishop has been able to help her to get back onto their feet and deal with issues that have been happening! Its so cool to see the changes that can be made in our lives, when we just decide to follow Christ! She isnt a fully active temple goer member yet, but one day as long as she stays going the way she is she will make it! I love that about this gospel!

        Last week we were given a Referral from a member in the Tongan ward. She called us and told us about her Nephew who is a less active member but doesnt speak Tongan so she wanted us to go and visit! She also told us about his non member partner and family. So we were really excited to meet them. Well we had an appointment with them for last week Sunday. He ended up having to cancel because of some family issues. She told us on Saturday that we could go over again yesterday and see him. Well we decided last week just to drive by and see the house. Well we drove past and The house was covered in Neon lights and had a big bar in the front... We were quite excited! So we got to go back yesterday. We got to the house and saw a dog in the yard so we didnt go in. Well the dog came over and we decided it was nice so we went in and knocked on the door. Which was good! Well an old lady answered the door and we asked for Pini, She called out to Pini and she said he was coming... Well, there was a long hallway past the door and we looked down the hall and there was a massive man coming down the hallway. He was bald, tattooed, and buff! He was a scary looking man. We both just stood there as he was walking towards us and prayed he wouldnt eat us... Well he came over and we met Pini. He was actually a really awesome nice less active guy who didnt understand the gospel. He grew up in a Tongan ward, but he doesnt speak or really understand Tongan... So he never really learned anything... We sat and talked to him and got to know him and his wife Jennifer. He said the last time he had been to church was 8 years ago on his wedding day. Mean guy! He has some cool Tats!

     Love yous Heaps!! 

                Love Elder Seelos

Elder Clayton and I doing a little "cross zone" emailing

Sister Wattie-Crystal Suatia Leifi had Elder Summers and I over for a feed - She is great!!

Traditional island food - Fafaga

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