Sunday, July 3, 2016

MLC & Meetings....

Well I just wanna start of by wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!!! Happy Birthday America! 

     This week has been a Slow as week! It has been hard because we have had to take so much time off for different things. We had MLC ( Mission Leadership Conference) on Wednesday, and it was very fun to get to spend the day at the mission office! It was extra nice to be inside when the Crazy hard rain was coming down and we were in a nice warm house! We talked heaps about Member Missionary work and how we can help our wards do more work. We talked about Ward Councils and how we need to be making them more effective! We should be asking for and getting the things we need! The next day Zone Training went well. It was a bit Dry... We had heaps of Info that we had to cover so not heaps of time for fun... Which was stink.

      One Big Miracle this week was at Church on Sunday! We have been working with a lady named Violet. She has been an investigator for a while, but wasn't baptized because her Partner wouldn't marry her. Well a few weeks ago she kicked him out! Which was Awesome!!! We have talked about Baptism and Church and everything. But she was just not coming to church... Well about 5 minutes into Sacrament she walked in with 2 of her kids!! It was so great! We were so happy! She had to leave for classes, but we will be seeing her on Friday! It was such a great meeting! The Chapel was packed!

      We were able to have trade off with Elders in our Zone. I stayed in Favona with Elder Andrew from Aus. He is a really cool guy! He had been out for about 6 months and is a really good missionary! He can make anyone laugh! We got to see the Isaako's that night. They are really doing good. They didnt come to church yesterday, but they are doing well. I think Melaina is really moving forward. Please keep them in your prayers!

Sorry for the short Email, but we have a 4th of July party today and we are setting it up!
                                             Love Elder Seelos!

So we have had no hot water in our kitchen sink so plates pile up...
so we have been doing them in the tub!  Yes, that is disgusting.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon! 

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