Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trade offs and a duck....

 Man! What even happened this week...?! I'm pretty sure that its still like Thursday! This week went by fast to say the least. Its honestly insane thinking that I have like 10 months left... I remember thinking that I would never see home again. Time goes so fast.

        Sorry to inform that the Good News Train is out of commission this week. It went too fast last week and broke. So it's in the shops.

       I felt like I wasn't even in my area all that much this week. We had 2 trade off's this week and I left the area on both of them. So it was awesome to get to see the other area's and to get to spend time with other missionaries! I was with Elder Ponce from the Philippines and with Elder Mahina from Tonga. So it was an international week! It just made things go by even faster!

       Now for the crazy story time! While we were on trade off I was gone, of course, and Elder Boyack stayed in our area. So they went out and worked for the day and then got back to the flat about 9:30. Well Elder Boyack went for his normal end of the day bathroom break and as he walked into the bathroom he soon realized that he was not alone. Someone had broken into our flat during the day and filled the bathtub with water and had then gone and caught a duck and put it into the bathtub full of water! So the duck was swimming around the bathtub! Well they grabbed the duck and took it outside, then emptied the tub, and Elder Boyack cleaned the tub top to bottom for like an hour! So now we have a clean as shower!  We just let the duck go. There are like a million ducks everywhere! They just wander the neighborhood! I'm sure the duck has found a mate and is mating. There are baby ducks everywhere!  Yeah! Ill include some pics of the Duck!

       Dora made a BIG step this week! We saw her on Friday last week and talked about baptism and talking to her parents. Well on Tuesday we went over and she told us that she talked to her mom right after we had left on Friday about baptism. Her mom originally said no. Then she talked to her about it and she was worried about what Dora's Nan would say. Well Dora worked it into a maybe..... Not necessarily a yes, but not a no! She told us that she wanted to be baptized on the 15th! Then asked what she needed to do to have that. The biggest hold up with her is getting her to church! She has White Sunday coming up in her Nan's church, Efakasa, Its a Samoan Church! Well her Nan has been pushing really hard to get her and her family to that and so they have been going to that. Which is hard. We are really seeing how Satan is working hard against her... He defiantly doesn't want Dora to be baptized... Its amazing how hard he will work. We just have to work harder! It really is a battle out here every day. There is a real war going on in the world. The only difference is that we know who is going to win! 

        Our big miracle this week happened at church Yesterday! We were waiting and we had NO ONE come to church. We were kind of bummed, but moved on. Well about half way through Sacrament meeting a 13 year old kid named Roko walked in with his 12 year old cousin Timothy. So Roko just moved over from Tuvalu. His family send him over from Tuvalu to go to a better school. In Tuvalu he was active as in church. But the Family he lives with are not members so he hasn't come to church since being here. Well he came Yesterday! It was really cool to see him at church! He was referred to us by a member who is one of his teachers. So now we are going to teach his cousin who LOVED church! I LOVE NZ!!!

There is my Email today! Thanks for everything!

         Love Elder Seelos

Our duck!

Hanging with Elder Maughan

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