Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book of Mormon lessons, playing rugby one handed, and our duck zoo.....

Good Morning! 

       To be honest I cannot even think about what happened this week. Like it all just blurrs together. It all just goes into one big long blur and Idk what actually happened! So I guess to start off we had MLC this week and so we got to go up to the Shore at the mission office on Wednesday! So that was over all fun! We talked about the mission and what we as leaders need to be doing. We have had a few changes to a few things in the mission mainly around the leaders and what we need to be doing better.  We talked about meetings and how its our responsibility to make them great and effective. It's a lot to think about, and I am still figuring out how I, personally, need to improve!

       We were able to have an awesome lesson with Roko and Timothy! We went over and started to just play sport with them and played some Volleyball and Basketball. It was actually quite amazing watching Roko play all of these! That is because of the fact that he only has one and a half arms. So his left arm is missing just under his elbow. So watching him play these sports with no issues and having fun was really cool! But our lesson was on the Book Of Mormon. We just talked to them about the Book Of Mormon Challenge that we are doing in the ward. (Reading the B of M in 90 days, finishing on Christmas!) They are both joining us in the Challenge and are reading. So we just mainly helped them to understand what The Book Of Mormon really is, and how it can help them in their own lives. They really understood it and were really taking it in! Remember they are 12 and 13. It was cool! Then they were also at Church yesterday! They are honestly really great! Huge Miracle!

       With Dora this week it has been a bit disappointing! We saw her on Tuesday for a lesson. That went well, we talked about how important going to Church, Praying, and Reading our Scriptures are for us. We were trying to focus on how she needs to come to church so that she can be baptized. So we talked and taught and then she said she might be able to come... Well she didn't. Its hard with Dora because her Nan is pushing her to go to her church and she is doing practices for White Sunday next week, Which is kinda like the Primary Presentation with the Youth involved. So that's basically everyday. We tried to have a lesson with her on Friday and Saturday but she was with her Nan so we were not able to do that... We actually got to meet the Nan on Saturday... She didn't seem the happiest to see us, but she wasn't really rude... So idk what will really be happening with her. 

       Now, if y'all remember the CRAZY once in a life time story from last week! Its no longer a once in a life time story. BECAUSE it happened again! Except this time it was worse... So last week the Duck that was in the bathroom was 1. A small Female duck 2. Tied up 3. Stuck in the Bathtub 4. Didn't do anything. So all of these things were not true about this new duck this week... We got home and planned and talked for a minute when I realized I needed to go to the Bathroom. So I turned on the lights and then opened the door and then saw a duck and slammed the door... Well Elder Boyack didn't believe me when I told him, but there was actually a duck in the bathroom, again. So after some.... to be honest.... freaking out and some phone calls we decided to get the duck out with a blanket. Every time that we tried to get closer to the duck it would start to honk at us and get down ready to run. But eventually we got the duck under the blanket and Elder Boyack picked it up (I was manning the Video Camera) and then ran it outside and let it go. So 2 ducks in a row... We will just have to keep the next one for dinner next week!

          Thanks for everything! 
                Love Elder Seelos

Our pet duck

DLC Henderson Zone

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