Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cleaning, Studying, and Train Rides....

    This week was good. It was more work than last week, but Elder Oakes was sick again this week and so we missed a few days of work... I still kinda made him go out and work, Just not very hard, and we kept it slow. I was just tired of sitting in the flat... I'm ready to get a good hard week of work in! Although I was a bit more productive this week. I washed the car with a mop in the drive way. Then I did some cleaning in the flat. It was a bit more productive! Everything is clean and tidy! Just keep our health in your prayers please so that we can stay out!

     One big step that was made this week was with Grace! Although she was sick all week also and we didn't get to see her until Sunday, we got to have a good talk with her on Sunday! It wasn't a real lesson or anything, but it was just a good talk. So Grace's hold up is her Dad... He is a JW and doesn't want her to be baptized. He is happy for her to come to church and youth and Seminary, but not to be baptized. So she is just waiting... Just waiting for permission to be baptized and finally be a real member! She goes to everything already, she completely qualifies for baptism, she is so ready! Its so hard. So we talked to her and she was just saying that we need to just fill up the font and she will accidentally trip into it and we will just dunk her right there! So it was funny, but it also showed us that she really does want it. She is waiting for it. I had a study this week devoted to her and what we needed to do to help her. I studied Alma 12 when Alma speaks to Zeezrom and basically rebukes him for what he is doing. Well the thing that stuck out to me came when Alma was talking about agency. I realized that we need to make sure that its really what Grace wants. We need to make sure that she is doing this cuz its what she knows is right, not cuz its just a fun thing to do for now.

     Dora is slowly fading away... Its so hard to see where she is now and know where she came from... She is still good to see us and for us to come over... Its just so freaking hard to see the desire going away... When we first met her she loved learning! She loved feeling the spirit and she wanted it! She wanted to go to youth! She wanted to come to church! She wanted it all. Now she isn't showing it. She just kinda sits there while we are teaching, She is having a hard time remembering what we have taught her. She was so golden... She was so close.... Satan is so real. He knows the work that we are doing and knows how much its going to bless these people... Its so hard to see others making these choices when we just want them to be happy! We know that the spirit is more powerful than Satan, but everyone has to choose... the Spirit cannot force anything upon anyone... Its all about agency. We have to choose to be happy.

      There have been some Disappointments this week with our Investigators but its all going to change this week! Elder Oakes and I are ready and Going HARD this week! We are going to switch things up and get things moving!

       One really fun thing this week though! I was on Trade off with Elder Maughan on Tuesday. So we had about 30 minutes until Ward Council started. So we decided to just go to the mall and talk to people. Well this lead us to the Train Station. At the train station we both said that we hadn't ever ridden the train. We both had always wanted to, we just never had. So we ran to the car and we got our suits and our papers and then we ran to the train.... Right as it left... So we missed it. But! We waited. The next one was 5 minutes away. So we waited and we got on the train and then we got off on the next stop. Now this is where our Eternal Mission story comes in. It started to rain... Then we walked faster. So in a few minutes we were running through the rain in our suits to ward council! We made it and had a great ward council. Then we walked back to the train and got on and went back to our car! It was just overall a good fun time! 

     Thanks for everything!

             Love Elder Seelos!

KireKire Falls

our amazing train ride adventure

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