Sunday, October 9, 2016

Conference weekend and S'mores night.....

 So this week we had HEAPS going on. It was crazy to see all that was going on, and we were still able to get heaps done! So Elder Boyack had a outgoing missionary training on Tuesday, then we had transfers on Wednesday, then we had nothing on Thursday, then Weekly Planning on Friday, Lastly General Conference all weekend! So very little time for actual missionary work!

      So Tuesday was really fun! I dropped Elder Boyack off at the Mission Home in the Shore (about 30 minutes away) we then had District meeting and then I went and picked up one of the Youth in our ward at about 1:00.  I went with him for the day. So we had a lesson and were able to just go and talk to people. We did a lot of tracting. It was fun to see how crazy he thought everything we do is! Then we picked up Elder Boyack at 4:00. Then this was probably the most fun night of my mission. We had set up with the youth for a S'mores night. We got one of the members in the ward to go and get things from the American store. He got some Gram Crackers, and some Hersheys Chocolate. This ended up costing about $100. Good thing it was covered in the budget! Then we had to get NZ marshmallows cuz apparently its not marshmallow season at the American store! Like what the Heck?! So it was an extremely fun night! We just got to talk to the youth and just have some fun! And yes, they tasted awesome!!!

      My new Companion is Elder Oaks from Ohio. He just came down from Kaikohe. He was up there for like 6 months! He has been out for 16 months. So one transfer longer than me.  We get along really well, I like him a ton!  Elder Boyack, Elder Oaks and I will be in a trio until Saturday when Elder Boyack leaves. Then we will be here on our own figuring it all out on our own! I am pretty excited!

       I LOVED Conference! It was overall just awesome! I loved Elder Hollands Talk in priesthood about Home Teaching and how important it really is. It made me really want to be the Home Teacher that my families will know that I am always there to help and serve. That is something that this country really needs! It was hard to see President Monson struggling so much, it just increased my faith that he is a Prophet of God and His message is Important, and that God is strengthening him every step that he takes!

       Sorry not heaps of time today. Elder Boyack is planning some final P-day activities!
           Love Elder Seelos

Elder Boyack and Elder Oaks, we are a 3-some this week!

Elder Maughan and me

P day Muddy Bubble Soccer!  It was a BLAST!!!

Sister Bates and Sister Graffe

Muddy elders!

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