Sunday, October 23, 2016

My sicky companion.....

     Overall this week was extremely slow! Elder Oaks woke up on Tuesday and was really sick. He was super weak! He could barely walk on his own. He basically just laid in bed Tuesday and Wednesday. Then he was feeling a bit better on Thursday and was planning on going out. Then Sister Bath (The mission Nurse) called and said that we were going to the doctor in an hour. Well the doctor told him that he had Strep and he had to stay inside so he didn't spread it. We then stayed inside on Thursday and Friday. So we didn't really get a day of work until Saturday. 

     We had some appointments basically every night that Elder Oaks was sick. So I got to do Trade-Off's every evening. That helped keep me sane! I spent a good amount of time reading. I have a MASSIVE book called "Church History In The Fullness Of Times" Its basically a Church History textbook. So I read heaps of that. It was actually really interesting! I honestly learned heaps from it! It showed me that this church really had no standing ground... like if this wasn't the true church,  it would have fallen already. But it stayed up though! So that in itself is proof that The Lord is behind it!

      So one of the biggest movements this week was with Grace. Grace is one of our 16 year old Investigators. She is honestly awesome!!! She has been an investigator for like 8 months now. She is coming to church with her auntie and cousin. Her only hold up is her dad! He is a JW and is fine with her coming to church, but does not want her to be baptized! Her Mum is great about it! We have met her a few times now and she is nice as! We have no contact with the dad, but she has asked him if she can be baptized but he isn't budging right now. We had 2 lessons with her this week. The first was about Tithing and Fast Offerings. That one went great. She has been coming to church, youth, and seminary for long enough now that she knows everything! The second lesson was on The Law of Chastity, and The Word of Wisdom. We were a bit nervous about this lesson just considering she is a 16 year old girl in High School. Overall it went awesome though! She had no issues with it and already knew the basics of it all! She is so prepared!

       One let down this week was Dora. We didn't get to see her at all this week. We were sick all week and so didn't get to catch her! She also didn't come to church this week. It has been a while since we got to have a real lesson with her, so she has basically forgotten everything. We are going to have to start over and teach everything again. So we are going to see how that goes! She's still awesome though!
     We actually had a baptism on Sunday!  His name is Lorenzo and he just turned 8. His mum asked us to teach him a bit before his baptism. So we had a few lessons with him. He is a great kid! Well his mum and dad are divorced and I don't think the dads a member. So he asked me to baptize him!  I was happy I got to do it!

       We got a New investigator on Saturday! Another youth investigator for us to teach! His name is Steven, he is 15. Its actually a funny story. We were talking to one of our members, Brother Frost, who works at a Trampoline place. Well like 2 months ago he told us about a kid who broke his leg at the trampoline place. Well... a few days later we knocked on Steven's door randomly.  Steven was the only one home because he had a broken leg. We didn't think anything of it when we met him. A few days later when we went back and saw him he told us how he broke it, he was the same kid! Our member was working that day and was helping him out when he broke his leg! How funny is that!

    Thanks for everything! 

             Love Elder Seelos

Lorenzo's baptism
Lorenzo and his family


Muriwai Beach!  Thanks for the sweet shirt Ally!

Rugby on the beach for P-day

Me and Elder Oaks

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