Sunday, October 16, 2016

Neighbors, goodbyes, and roosters....

 This week was to be honest very off. Elder Boyack left on Saturday. So that meant that basically all week was spent getting him ready to go home. We did shopping, and packing, and goodbye's, and more packing. It was a good week, it was just not a normal missionary week.

     Probably the best part of the week was the day that I had trade off with the Assistants. If you didnt know my old Companion, Elder Bass, is the new Assistant. It was heaps of fun. So I was with Elder Bass on Wednesday for the day. We went up to The Shore into his area. It really just felt like old times! Its funny to see how your view of the Mission Leaders changes. When I started I thought that the Zone Leaders and the Assistants were like the most perfect best missionaries. Now I am a Zone Leader, and am Far AS from Perfect. And Elder Bass is the Assistant and I am good friends with him and know that he isn't perfect either. Like its just funny to see how that perspective changes and you come to realize that everyone is just faking it until they make it. 

      I was able to see the Alba's on Saturday. It was awesome to see them! We just met at the chapel real fast after a Baptism in the Zone. So it was nothing spectacular. It was really great to get to catch up with them about the ward and how they were finding NZ! It was really weird to see them and think about Elder Boyack going home that day and how different he will be to his family. Brother and Sister Alba commented on my accent and how I was sounding different. Which is honestly really good! Anything to set me apart from all of those other RM's in Utah! ;)

     The Mafi's texted me on Saturday also and said that they had some extra time since Mafi got off of work early. So they came out and took Elder Oakes and I out to Dinner! I completely love that family! It was just a great visit! I have missed that family! Its funny to see how much they just love the missionaries and all that they will do for the missionaries! They are my NZ family!

     It was very hard to say goodbye to Elder Boyack. President Balli picked him up from the Baptism on Saturday Morning, then took him to the airport that night! It honestly made me feel really lost. I wasn't sure if I would be able to pick up everything that he had left or started. It was a bit overwhelming. I feel like I have really started to realize that I can do it. Its not about me, its about Heavenly Father using me to keep all of these things going! 

       Love yous heaps! 
           Love Elder Seelos!

P.S. So we got pranked again...

This time it was a full grown Rooster and a chicken that were in our kitchen... We found out that the Samoan Elders were the ones doing it. Elder Neilson and Elder Ualesi...maybe we need to retaliate with a sheep! 

Kissing usually isn't allowed on missions....

My neighbors the Albas brought me a package! It was so good to see some faces from home!

Dinner with the Mafi's, just what I needed!

Mom asked for pictures of is honestly heaven here.

Piha Beach

Elder Boyack and Elder Oaks

3 studs

Elder Ualesi getting attacked!

Early Thanksgiving!

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