Sunday, November 6, 2016

MLC, Fireworks,and Pies...

 Hello Family! Just to start off, yes. We were healthy all week. No issues in our week. Well mostly. We were on trade off this week and Elder Oakes called me and told me that he had gotten the Chicken and Rice that we had on Thursday and heated it up after it had been sitting on the counter and in the car for 2 days. Well he ate it and about 30 minutes later he un-ate it. So he took a bit of a break. We were on Trade off so it didn't do anything to me! 

       So big news in the Land of NZ! Saturday was Guy Fawkes day. Idk if you remember it from last year,  but its a stupid holiday where England and all of the British colonies celebrate when this guy was going to blow up the Parliament but they stopped him. So they light off heaps of fireworks... I dont understand the logic..... But that's what we do. In Henderson they do a big firework show in the city every year. So we had 6 of us come to our flat and we climbed onto the roof and watched the fireworks all over the city for a good 45 minutes. It was really cool. We were just worried about the roof caving it! Luckily nothing happened.

        Most of our investigators are in just about the same place... Not much of any improvements with them this week. We had 5 Investigators set up and committed to come to church, but they all were build up's. None of them actually came. That was pretty sad. 

        Our biggest Miracle this week was Shelby. We got a referral texted to us from the mission. It was a referral that was sent to us online. So her friend Destiny sent it to us. She is from the YSA ward out south. Well we went over and contacted her and she was confused as at the beginning. She had the look of "Why the heck are you talking to me and how do you know my name?!" So we told her that her friend sent us and then she was like "Oh, yeah. Makes since." So we talked to her for a while and she already had a Triple Combination. Like she has been getting prepared for a while now. She was so keen to listen and was asking us about church and how to go and what we do. We ended by committed her to read 1 Nephi 8. We are going back tomorrow! 

     MLC went well!! It was fun. Its always good to get to see all of the missionaries. Its kinda funny because all the zone leaders become close and talk heaps because of that... So we become friends with each other! I learned about not judging. We talked about gossip in the mission and how we need to have clean and right perspectives of missionaries. We cannot listen to others opinions because they usually aren't true!

       One fun thing this week! We had a Youth activity this week and it was a Halloween Carnival. So they asked us to do an activity or game or something. Well we decided that it would be fun to do a Pie throwing game. Well yes, the youth had the chance to throw pies at my face... I only got hit like 5 times. It was totally worth it! Heaps of fun! Love the youth in our ward!

Love yous!

       Love Elder Seelos

October Zone conference

November Mission Leadership Conference

Fireworks on the roof

The girl in the middle hit me pretty good with a pie!


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