Sunday, November 20, 2016

Primary, Zone devotioals, and haircuts....

Good Morning Family and Friends! 

        I have to say it is great to get to talk to you today!! This week has been like weeks past... Elder Oakes was sick this week. Again. So I stayed in the flat a lot this week. But! I have something to show for it! I realized this week that the last hair cut I got was 6 weeks ago... Yeah, thats a long time. So I decided that 1. I needed a hair cut. 2. I didnt want to pay for a hair cut. 3. I am tired of doing my hair. So I just used some Scissors and my razor and now I am bald! Haha. Just kidding. I know that mum had a heart attack right there! I am not bald but I did buzz it pretty short. Ill send pics! But I did cut it myself! So thats kinda cool!

      One great step this week was in Shelby! We had a lesson with Shelby on Thursday. I went with Elder Maughan to the lesson cuz Elder Oakes was spewing... We had visited a member on Wednesday night and asked them to come to the lesson with us. So they came with us and we sat down and basically just introduced them to eachother! She has been reading her BOM and she said that she is still keen for Baptism! The members invited her to come to church with them and offered her a ride. Unfortunately she was out south over the weekend, but she still went to the YSA ward. So she did go to church! She is defiantly our miracle this transfer! Shes so cool! Very prepared!

      Transfers! So I stayed. Yeah. Thats about it. Elder Oakes and I are still together. Still in Henderson. We are happy to get to stay together! We have heaps to do and heaps of work to do, so we are not ready to leave! Transfer day was crazy! It took all day... From about 9 to about 5 or 6 we were doing stuff... Happy its over.

      I taught Primary this week... That was.... Hard. One of the teachers asked us to teach her class of 7 and 8 year olds... All I have to say about that is that I am glad that its over. They were just crazy the whole time. Kids these days are just disrespectful! They dont listen, they say stupid as stuff. Like half the time I was like How on earth do you know about that? So that was my Primary Experience.

      This morning we decided to start the transfer off right! We had a Zone Devotional at the top of Mount Pukemateko. Its a lookout on in the mountians that looks over all of Henderson and you can see EVERYTHING! Its a really cool view. So we went up there with everyone and we talked about what we want to do to find that one that our Heavenly Father has prepared for us this transfer! So we were just trying to modavate everyone! Then we took heaps of pictures! 

       Other than that, that was basically my week. I was able to go on trade off's a few times to make some visits or to fill our dinner appointments. So I did go out. I didnt go crazy! I am just hoping that Elder Oakes is better this week! We have a lot planned this week!

Love yous heaps! Love Elder Seelos

Saying goodbye to this guy was hard!  Elder Summers was an awesome companion!  He is headed home!

My haircut!

Zone Selfies

More Zone selfies...

Awesome Zone devotional!

My parents google earth picture of my flat:)  It's the red brick house in the back.

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