Sunday, November 13, 2016

I'm getting SO sick of my flat!!!!

      So I am going to start out with the lower points of the week. So Elder Oakes woke up on Friday with some bug bites and they KILLED him! So yeah... Elder Oakes gets sick a lot... So we were in the flat again Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday. So that was pretty stink... I am very tired of not working.... I know that people think that sounds like heaven for missionaries... Get a break, can rest, just hang out.... Well no, we can't. We have nothing to do... Like nothing. So I read Scriptures, and listened to music and just laid there....

          Update on the Investigators! The biggest thing that happened this week was Shelby. She was our New Investigator this week. We sat down and taught her the Restoration. She is super keen! She's awesome! Her friend referred her to us, then she went to church with her friend on Sunday! After teaching her the restoration we asked her if she would be baptized if she knew this was right. Without even blinking she said yes! It was mean! Just goes to show you that Heavenly Father is working on many people behind our back's. Also how important Referrals are... We NEVER would have met her! She lives in a random as street in a house in the back of a house. Like we never would have found her... Heavenly Father is very mindful of not only us, but all of his children!

        We haven't seen Grace for 2 weeks now... Idk what shes up to. Hopefully shes ok. She won't answer our texts or anything... So I really hope that everything is ok.

        Dora is doing well. We had a lesson with her where I learned an important lesson.... I need to listen more... When we give her time to speak more and just leave the time quiet she brings things out. All I have to do is give her that time! 

       We had interviews this week with President Balli. It's always great to be with him! Its a different relationship with him now that I am a Zone Leader. I know that he is a normal person! Like I have a relationship with him. Its not the scary guy in charge thing any more. I honestly Love him for all that he does and has to deal with.

       Now for some funny stories! So we got the Samoan Elders back for the Ducks and Roosters... We broke into their flat and we filled up their bathtub with water and we went and bought some fish at the pet store and we put the fish in the tub. Then we had 2 dead fish. We put one in the bath tub with the live ones, then we hid the other one in the closet and let it rot in the closet for a few days. Well they found the live fish fast and then about 4 or 5 days later they smelled the dead fish and found it... So that was pretty funny!!! Until they got us back.... First was rice all over the flat.... With the live fish in the tub and the dead fish taped to the back of the dresser.... We cleaned that up fast. Then they did it again.... They caught 2 live eels! yeah..... those were in our tub..... Yeah. We caught those and then we let them go. We tossed them over a bridge into a stream. So that is our funny story! We made a deal that the pranks are over. Elder Nielsen goes home tomorrow also so we don't have to worry about that any more!

        Well that's basically my boring week! 

              Love you! Love Elder Seelos

P.S.  I didn't even know there was an earthquake until I read emails..... Awk... but I'm fine, didn't feel a thing.  It was really far south.

Saying Goodbye to the Singh family who moved this week

Aren't we funny...?

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