Sunday, April 9, 2017

Conference, rain, and teaching over Mexican food....

  This week was pretty great! Conference was great! Its always nice as a missionary to be taught rather then teaching! So Conference is always so great!!! There is always so much to learn! 

     This week overall has been pretty slow though. We have been going through heaps of old records and trying to clean out all the ones who have moved or are not interested so that we can better see what it is that we have to work with in our area. People in Auckland move so much... Like so often. Its amazing how many of these people don't live at these houses any more. We have been able to find some less actives that we are going to start to work with that we didn't know before so its semi productive.

     We had trade offs on Tuesday. That was fun. I stayed in the Ysa ward with Elder Tuaputa. He has been out for 2 weeks now and is from Australia. We had a pretty productive day! We had a dinner with our Ward Mission Leader. That was great! Doesn't happen too often. That day it was literally raining cats and dogs. Like there was so much water everywhere!!! The streets had like inches of water on it. There were huge puddles everywhere. So Elder Tuaputa and I got Drenched. We were happy that we were in the car though because our Companions were on bikes all day. So we felt lucky! 

     Saturday Elder Clark and I got to go to the city. We have gotten permission to meet our members and Investigators outside of our area if we need to because its so hard to meet with them at their homes. So we drove out to the city to see a Potential investigator. His name is Brian. He is a Filipino guy that works at Mad Mex in the City. So that is where we saw him. He told us that he has been reading the Book Of Mormon and has really been liking it and wants to understand it better. So we are going to hopefully meet up with him soon to help him understand it better! So we are going to be doing some mean drives all over Auckland now to see people at their works and schools!

     Conference really took a lot of time on our weekend. Our weekends tend to be the best times for us and so it was kinda stink to have it all taken up by Conference. We were happy with everything that we were able to do this week though. But my spiritual thought comes out of Conference. It is from Elder Mark A. Bragg. He said “This refers to the tendency in all living systems toward positive energy [light] and away from negative energy [darkness]. From single-cell organisms to complex human systems, everything alive has an inherent inclination toward the positive and away from the negative.” That is something that I want to improve in my life is positivity. People are attracted to light and positive people have more light. So I want everyone to keep that in mind. How can we be more attractive and radiate the light of Christ though us better.

Love yous!

    Love Elder Seelos

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