Sunday, April 30, 2017

Anzac day, investigaor updates, & speaking in sacrament....

  Well its been another week.... Wow. Man it goes by so fast!!! I honestly don’t even know what we have done this week.  It seems like it was just Monday yesterday!!!

     Tuesday was Anzac Day! So its basically like Memorial day in the states. So they make it a huge deal and have services and such and they all have work off and everyone goes to the park or the Beach and does a BBQ. So we had a Ward Council activity at the park. We had a big feed and played some fun as games! So I will have to teach yous those when I get home! We then had an appointment with one of our members who lives about an hour from the Chapel. That was at 7 so we left at about 6 and got there just before 7. It was such a fun as drive! It was dark most of the way there cuz its through the forest and there arent many street lights. So it was honestly just so fun! I love long forest drives!

     We got to have Trade offs with our Tongan Elders again this week. That was super fun! I got to go to the Tongan Ward with Elder Neifui. We got to go to a lesson with one of their Investigators named Noa. She is 16 and is friends with one of the Members in the ward. She is doing the lessons at the friends house. So we got to teach her about the Importance of CPR (Church Prayer Reading). The lesson overall was totally awesome and great! It was so fun to get to teach with Elder Neifui and teach a real normal lesson! Just because of how slow the ward has been it seems like forever that I have gotten to teach that!

     On that note though. We got a new Investigator named Miriam. She was born in Iraq and came here when she was 4. So she is Kiwi. We found her when we were looking for a Former Investigator in the area and she didnt live there but Miriam did. That was a few weeks ago. We saw her last week and were finally able to sit down with her and talk. She has a Boyfriend who is Less Active. She went to a baby blessing with a friend once to our church. So that time we just got to know her and did set up to start teaching. Then on this past Friday we saw her again. We got to teach the Restoration. It was an ok lesson. She didn’t seem to interested or I guess engaged... She was listening when we answered her questions which was good. So we left her with a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet and are going to see her tomorrow and see what she liked! So please keep her in your prayers!

     My spiritual thought this week comes from my Sacrament Talk on Sunday. Our Bishopric asked Elder Clark and I to speak this week. We also had 2 of our ward missionaries speak with us. We all had the topic of becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ. Then we were all given talks from General Conference to relate it to. I was given the talk by Elder M. Russel Ballard titled "Return and Receive" I related it all to goals and how important it was to set goals in our lives. Elder Ballard says: "Wise goal setting includes the understanding that short-term goals are only effective if they lead to clearly understood longer-term goals." Our goals everyday can and will effect our long term goals. We have to be on top of it all. Its really important to look at the little things cuz they will effect the big things! 

Love yous!

     Love Elder Seelos

The Elders threw me a Suprise early birthday thing this morning in case we are not together for my birthday...

Love these elders!

pics from the museum last week...

More pics from the museum last week....

The sisters thought it would be fun to do our eyebrows... MAN!!!!!  It hurts!!!

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