Sunday, May 7, 2017

Saying goodbye & headed up north....

  Well Kia Ora Whano! As you all know now I have been transferred to the Northland. I am in the Kaikohe Zone. Kaikohe is the most North Zone in the mission and in New Zealand. So we have the top of the country here! It took a 3 and a half hour bus ride to get here. Nice long day! It was totally worth it though! The northland is so nice! Heaps of fun! Its the biggest Zone in the mission because its just full of Bush. There are a few small towns here and there and other then that its just bush! Fun though! Haha. My companion, Elder Inglis (My son from October 2015), and I were double shifted into the area and so we both new and trying to get to know everyone! We are covering the Kaikohe 1st ward and the Awarua Branch. So there is a lot of work to do!

     It was defiantly hard to say goodbye to the YSA ward. I honestly loved it there and was super sad to leave. There were quite a few people there that I really loved and enjoyed working with. I will miss them! It was a slow area and not much really ever happened but the ward was fun and it was nice to get use to that environment before I have to go to one!

     One of the hardest parts about leaving was saying goodbye to the missionaries. I will most likely finish my mission up here and so I probably wont see a lot of these missionaries again. At least not until I come home or they come home! So that was kinda hard! Ill get to see a lot of them back in Utah though! So that will make things easier! There are quite a few missionaries that are going home in 6 weeks and so that is sad that I wont get to see them before they all go.

     Kaikohe has been fun to be in the bush and in a tiny little town, but it has been FREEZING! It is so cold here. There are no big buildings generating heat, very few cars, no smog to trap the heat in... So it gets cold as! Thankfully our flat stays warm at night and we have a heater that we use to keep it warm. We have a car, so that stays generally warm during the day. So we never really get too cold. One issue about New Zealand is that its not considered an extreme weather country so they dont really ever insulate any buildings. So it will get really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. They are just a bit behind...

    So far the area has been good. It was nice to get to meet the members Yesterday at church. The Elders seemed to have some good work going, but we have to start all over with everyone because they kept Zero records... Like if you were to look into our area book you wouldn't even know that they were here. You would think it was October of 2016 because those are the last records in the area book... So we are starting over basically. We will see how it goes. The flat was fine when we got here. Thankfully the Zone Leaders cleaned it while they were waiting for us on the bus so it wasnt too dirty but it was still pretty nasty. So we have been cleaning it for a while. Its almost there! 

     That has basically been the week so far! Nothing too crazy going on for us. Love yous!
               Love Elder Seelos!

Goodbye YSA

Goodbye rugby with some of my favorite elders

Elder Ingles & I 

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