Sunday, May 28, 2017

Cows, Wood, Horses, and Rolled Cars.....

     So as you can tell from my title this was an interesting week! 

     We started the week off well! We had a great Trade off with our Elders in Kaitaia. I got to go with Elder Ateo from Tahiti. He was practicing his driving so I got to sit in the passenger seat the whole time and it was mean! Good to have a break from driving! Their area is huge and so its a lot of driving. It takes about an hour to get there from here so yeah. We had fun though! Elder Ateo is the man. He is still working on his English, but tries really hard. Fun guy!

     Following that Thursday was a fun as day. Our Member, Brother Matene, asked us to come and help with some service. So we happily accepted! We went over around 10 and we started chopping wood. He had the Chain saw chopping up trunks so we could split it with the axes. We chopped for like 2 hours. Overall it was so fun. But I was so sore the next few days! I also have the blisters to prove it! Ha. Well the next day we went to go and visit his family nextdoor to him and his son was there and we talked to him and he said that his dad was in the back yard. So we went to say hi. Well he ended up asking us to help him move some of his cows down the street to a new paddock. So again we happily accepted and thew on our gum boots in our boot. So we then ended up driving 6 or 7 cow about a Kilometer down the street. Stopping traffic the whole time. That was pretty fun. After that his son asked if we had ever ridden a horse before. Then he let us ride his horse. That was fun as too! Just an average week her in Kaikohe!  

     Last week we got to do some Bone Carving with a Less Active member in the other ward. His name is Graham. I started on a pretty mean carving. I am going to make a necklace out of it. I am pretty keen to try to get into that when I get home. Its pretty mean and is a better hobby then Xbox all day! Ha.

     We got to meet with a few investigators this week. We finally caught up with Wesley yesterday. He told us that he is moving on the 4th of July. So its set. Well we talked to him for a bit then we asked him about baptizing his daughters. He is going to talk to his wife about it cuz one of them is staying in New Zealand with an Auntie and Uncle when they move. So we might get her baptized before they move away. 

     We also got to go to our branch yesterday for church. Got to bless the Sacrament for the first time in ages! It was funny when we sat down after the sacrament our Branch President came down to us and said that they were short a speaker so asked if we would talk. When he said it we couldnt tell if he meant just me or both of us. So thankfully we both started to prepare. Well the 2nd councilor then announced that Elder Inglis will speak to us. Then never called me up! Ha. So I missed that one. Well 2nd hour we basically did set up to try to teach a kid that came with one of our members. His name is Holden. He has been coming off and on to church for a few months. He has been pretty regular at seminary as well, so there isnt really much holding him back other then the fact that he is a 15 year old boy and they are all stubborn and just do their own thing. So we are going to hopefully teach him this week. We then got into combined Elders Quorum and Relief Society and no one had prepared the lesson. So they all just said to have us do it... So we did. They gave us the book and we taught just straight from nothing. Just a solid testament that the spirit help us when we need it! 

     So last crazy story this week. Sorry this is huge. So we got a call on Wednesday around 3:15. The assistants told us that the tracker on the Zone Leaders car had sent into the office that their car had flipped. They tried to call but were not answering. So they wanted us to go and see if they were okay. They gave us the street they were on and we found it quite easy. They are in the bush. So just heaps of farm land and dirt roads. So very little cell service. Well we got to the street about 30 minutes later. We drove the entire street... No car. So we drove about half way up again and got cell service. So we called the mission office to ask again where they were. Well they told us that the car had moved..... My question was how does an upside down car move? Well they had moved about 20 K's up the street.... What? So we drove there. We found them about another 30 minutes later and they were fine. They had just hit a bump and drifted a bit and they just didnt have cell service so they didnt see us calling... So yeah. We then got back at about 5 just in time for dinner! Ha. 

     Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  I had over 30 emails to open this afternoon!  Love my family.  

              Well thats my stories for this week! Heaps of fun! 

                     Love yous heaps!

                         Love Elder Seelos
Working on my carving skills

My mean as carving....

Our adventure finding the Zone Leaders

Trotting along after working hard...

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