Sunday, May 21, 2017

Muddy work boots & loads of work...

     This week was honestly so fun! It rained heaps this week so Elder Inglis and I spent a good amount of time in the mud! Good thing for Boots! There is HEAPS of less active work to do out here! 

     We were able to have Trade offs with our Zone Leaders this week, Elder Frew and Elder Taranaki. I stayed in the area with Elder Taranaki. It was cool because Elder Taranaki started his mission in the same area that I started. So we were able to talk about all the people that we know from that area. We actually had heaps to do that day! We had Rescue night with our ward, we had an appointment with a Less Active member, Kerehopa Tait, and then we had a lesson with our Investigator Troy. Gotta Love trade offs!

     We got to do another Service on Tuesday with our Member, Sister Tait. This is Kerehopa's Sister. Well she has a goal to paint her house for her Land Lord cuz the Land Lord is letting her live there for pretty cheap. Well she is trying to paint it and there is a lot of prep work to do. So we started to help her sand the house. We got about half of the first wall done and then had to leave to dinner. So we are going to go back and try to finish up the job soon so that we can start painting. We announced it in Priesthood Yesterday that we could use some help with it so hopefully that will work out.

     We truly LOVE our Branch. We are trying to spend as much time out there as we can. We have a less active member out there that we started to visit this week. His name is Westly. He is a convert but has fallen away. He is alone right now with his 4 kids cuz his wife is working in Australia to make more money to build the house that they want. So he has one girl that is 9 that our Branch President wants us to try to get baptized. He also has a daughter that turns 8 today. So we are really going to work on getting them active and Baptize them! 

     One fun thing about our Branch is the fact that it is just farming land. Its just a big long street with houses on either side and a few small side streets with a few houses. So that makes addresses easy. The only issue is that they are terrible with addresses over here. Like way bad. There will be houses with no addresses. There are always numbers skipped. We will see number 6547 and then the next one could be 6503. No houses in between. Just fields. We also found this week a house that is number 34 on the odd number side of the street. Like what the heck? Gotta Love New Zealand!

     My spiritual thought this week comes from Mosiah 26 Verse 14 

          14 And it came to pass that after he had poured out his whole soul to God, the voice of the Lord came to him, saying:

     What I get out of here is the fact that Alma got revelation from the Lord only after he Poured out his WHOLE SOUL unto God. Are we willing to work that hard for the answers to our questions?

                              Love you all!!

                                      Love Elder Seelos

Its COLD!!!!

Our mean as gumboots!

Working hard & lookin good.....

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