Sunday, April 2, 2017

Working hard at school, one year as a Zone Leader, loads of work to do, & an April Fools joke...

     This week is great! We have had a great time trying to visit and see all of our members and not have much success with our Investigators.. We had a Potential tell us yesterday that she wasn't really interested so that was pretty stink. But all goods! Today is a new day!

     We had a mean ward activity this week. We went to Rowendale Primary School and did a bunch of outside work for them to help their school and clean it up a bit. So we did some digging to make trenches for water in their garden, then we filled in holes in the ground and we built edging to their flower beds with wood. It was a really mean activity!  We then had a beach activity. We went to a place called Maraetai Beach. There was a huge grassy field and we kinda took it over and had a feed and played some games. It was overall really fun just to be with the YSA. Elder Clark and I have started a Capture the Flag craze in the YSA ward activities. We played it with them a few weeks ago and now they always play it at the activities!

     We had probably the best feed on Thursday. We talked to the Member who was feeding us (Pearl) and he told us that we would meet at the Food Junction (Basically an international food court). When we met him there he came with another member Junie. After that 3 other members showed up Dose, Masio, and Camille. So that was heaps of fun. We got buttered chicken... then they wanted to take us to dessert. We went to Denny's. When we got there another member, Sio, showed up. We all got Lava fudge cakes. Then we gave them all some of the Easter Pass Along Cards that we got and they are all suppose to give them out! It was heaps of fun! 

     We had MLC this week at the Mission Home. It was great to be with the MLC group. This MLC marks the one year of being a Zone Leader for me. It was a weird realization for me. I still cannot believe that I have even been on my mission that long let alone a Zone Leader. We talked a lot about the Easter Message and how to use/share it. We talked about all of the great things that are coming up in April and how fast it really will go by! We have Conference and Easter and its a 5 week month so we have 5 chances to Baptize. This month is going to be awesome!!! 

   So for April Fools day we had a mean as idea! So we texted out to the whole Zone that it was my birthday. They all needed to meet at our flat just before 9 so that they could surprise me for my birthday. Well, as you know it isn’t my birthday. So Elder Clark and I were hiding inside the flat. We had a big white board that said "April Fools" on it. We put that in front of the door on the inside then closed the curtains. So they all showed up and were waiting for us. They were taking a picture and then we turned on the lights and opened the curtains and they all just stood there looking at the camera & no one turned around. So I yelled "April Fools" Really loud and then they all turned around and were pretty annoyed at us. So it was totally funny as but now I think a few people are mad at us... Oh well! Worth it. 

     Now for my Spiritual Thought about the Easter Message. The message honestly is awesome!!! It really is so cool. It is called the Prince of Peace for those who havent seen it. It is about how Christ is the Prince of Peace and how we can learn about gaining true peace from Him! If you havent seen the Video I want you to go to and look at it. It is so cool! I love the fact that it so clearly shows that Christ didn't conquer anything that most would. Didnt take any spoils that most would. He conquered Death and took nothing but us with Him. Its amazing!  

     Sorry for the short Email! 

           Love Elder Seelos

Thursday night feed

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