Monday, August 31, 2015

My first splits...and driving in Auckland!!

Hey Guys!! I'm back! This week has been fun! Lots has gone on and we have stayed busy and so that has been good. It really makes time go by so fast! It’s weird that I have already been out a month, it doesn't feel that long. So we really got into the real missionary stuff this week. So it has been awesome to get into the real mission stuff. It has been fun. We taught a few lessons. 

We were talking to a less active family and they invited us to come back the next day for dinner. So we went back the next day and we had dinner (Lamb stir fry, and Rice). The lamb was good! It was actually really good. So that was awesome! I didn't think I would like it but I did. It’s different but good.  Then we talked to them after about the church and their issues and why they stopped coming and so that was good just to get to know what I’m doing. I really like teaching that's a lot of fun. 

So we are supposed to get TWE, Talk With Everyone, we are supposed to get 20 a day. So basically we are supposed to talk to 20 new non-members a day. Which is double the normal Church standard. That has been really hard to do. Because we have the car we don't have to walk everywhere, so we don't see that many new people. We have to devote time to walking around and talking to people. We got 115 out of 140 this week. So that has been good, but we need to do better. 

I'm loving it here, and I’m loving all the missionaries. My companion and I have been getting along really well so it has been nice. Although he doesn't understand cars... so that’s been weird. I will comment on a cool car and he just sees it as another car.

We met a Muslim man this week. he called us across the street and when he found out that we were Americans he started to tell us all about how the U.S. has been killing his people (his parents are from Iraq, he has never been there) So then he started to tell us about 9/11 and the crazy conspiracy theories. But yep. Interesting week!

I love teaching about the BOM. Just showing the people the stuff it can do and it’s amazing. I haven’t really seen any changes or anything from my teaching but it’s ok. I read a book by Brad Wilcox. It was really cool to read. It’s called The Continues Atonement, For Teens. Go buy it. It’s so good. I loved the book. I loved what it said about how Christ has made up the difference for our mistakes and we just need to do what we can and then the mistakes are already fixed.

I got to go into the City on tradeoffs, I went with Elder Booth. There are people everywhere. We met so many people. I talked to a lot of people, and that was good training.  Elder Booth is my Zone leader. He’s a way cool guy, super funny, but he was sick and so that was hard. So he was like falling asleep while we were driving around, so then I DROVE!! It was so cool! I did really good. I didn’t crash or anything, we went on the freeway and there was a ton of traffic so it was like driving in Salt Lake. Its super weird to drive on the wrong side of the road but it’s different. I like it. It kinda just come to me. Like it just came natural. Thankfully! I’m fine to be driving. No worries. My zone leader had to approve me. So it’s good I was with him! I stayed in right side of the road. No worries!! 

 We have eaten out a few times. But last Monday my meal got paid for! Like I went to get cash cuz my mission card wouldn't work so then a guy just paid for it! So that was sweet! 
The bishop is cool. He’s an older guy. The ward mission leader is an older guy too. The members are really friendly! They feed us! Sometimes... haha. 

Actually we have had a lot of dinner appointments either cancel or bring the food to our flat because it seems like everyone is sick!  Remember…it’s winter here.  It’s good though. I’m trying to not eat very much. I don’t want to get fatter!! I though I might have been getting Pneumonia, my chest hurt, it hurt to breath, and it was bad, but I’m ok now. 

I love you heaps. Give my love to everyone else too! Love you guys. 
Elder Seelos

This is the Sky Tower.... the big needle you see if you Google Aukland
Another view of the Sky Tower
This is a drive we took yesterday. That is what the whole drive looked like. it was SOOOO cool! Trees everywhere and it was raining....and fog everywhere. I loved it!

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