Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's my Last Day!!! (.... in the MTC)

Hey Guys, its Elder Seelos again.

      It's my last day here in the MTC. I'm so done being here. I'm so ready to get out and get going. all week has really just been classes and the temple. the temple was so sweet. i had so much fun. the land is amazing and beautiful. i cant believe all the natural beauty here. its so green and its the middle of winter!! it's just rolling green hills. everything is farm land and pasture for the cows or sheep. It rains everyday here without fail, for some part of the day it's raining. No matter how sunny it looks you know that there is always rain coming. I can't send pictures here in the MTC so I will send them next week (I guess.) I have really loved it here and I'm really going to miss the people here that i have made such good relationships with. There are 3 guys in my room one is my companion who is going to Auckland and then the other two elders are both going to Sydney South Mission.
     One amazing thing i learned this week is how well the Book of Mormon really can answer every question that you have and it will bless you so much. one of my favorite chapters is 3 Nephi 11 because its when Christ comes and is telling everyone to repent and be baptized. I have used that so many times with fake investigators so much already. one of them actually committed to baptism. It's been so fun here. I love it.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow. We are going to the mission home and will be sent to areas. (that's all i know.) We did get to do a session at the temple. We also took pics outside, i'll send them later. The Celestial Room was amazing, it had paintings on the wall and it was so cool. It was amazing.

 I'm getting off soon. I love you all and will email you next week. I'm glad that you are all doing ok. Just know that I'm doing great and am loving it. I can feel of your prayers and your love every day. My emails will get better once I'm out of here (the MTC) and doing more then sitting in a classroom, I promise. love you all,
                            Elder Seelos

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