Monday, August 3, 2015

I have arrived!

Hey guys. Its Mason, I am here in the MTC now. I landed this morning in Auckland. I met up with a big group of missionaries in SLC and we got on the smallest plane to San Fran and then got to San Fran and waited around for our New Zealand flight until we went at about 10. I got an Isle seat on both flights and i took the meds and went to sleep for a big portion of the flight. then we landed at about 6 and are now in the MTC for 12 days.

 I love the group of elders that are here. they are so fun. I am companions with on of the elders i flew with, Elder Bass from Florida. nothing has really happened yet and so that's all i have for you guys. 

i love you guys so much. 

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  1. Love this Boy!!!, but he needs to become friends with the Apostrophe ( ' )