Sunday, March 13, 2016

Goodbye to Elder Chi...Hello to Zone Leader!

Hello everyone!

     So I guess the big thing this week is Transfers!!! So I got a call on Monday Night around 7 and it was President. He asked me if I would be a Zone Leader in Penrose.  So of course I said Yes!! So that was cool! Well to be honest I was so relieved... I was honestly really worried that I would be in West Harbor with Elder Chi for another Transfer. If that was what had happened I would have been fine I guess but it would have been hard! So my New Companion is Elder Bass. He is from Florida. He actually came out at the same time as me into the mission! We were companions in the MTC for about 3 hours but then things had to get changed around! So I'm really excited to get to be with him! We are already having a lot of fun together! I love getting to be with someone I can actually talk to!  He is a really cool guy! He reminds me a lot of Spencer... He loves sports and just muckin around. We get along really great so far! As Zone Leader we just have to do a lot of different things for the other missionaries. We have to report the numbers to the Assistants, then we have to instruct the other missionaries and stuff. I guess I have mixed feelings. I'm glad for the opportunity but also have no idea what to do... So its just weird... But its all good! I'm figuring it all out!  I'm in the Favona ward, in Favona.  My address is 57 Tua Place.  You can google earth it.  

     So it was kind of hard to leave, but definitely easier than leaving my first area! The Semu's were probably the hardest family to leave. I got to know them so well and I loved it! It was really fun! They are such a great family and they really mean so much to me! They really were one of my favorite people that I got to know there! 

      So now in my new area we have a lot to do.... We have had to spend heaps of time just running errands for everyone! It was stink. So we basically spend the first few days only working in our area like for a few hours. So I am still getting use to the area. Although it is so great! This is South Auckland! South Auckland is where all the Islanders are! At church yesterday I was one of like 3 white people in the whole Sacrament Meeting!

      Now my first Miracle in South Auckland! After Sacrament I was meeting a lot of the members and such and then Bishop came up to us and said he wanted us to come meet someone! So we went over and met Madison and Dom. Dom is a Less Active member, he has lived in NZ for most of his life but spent 7 years on the West Coast of Cali and Washington. Madison is his nonmember Fiance, who has never been to an LDS Church before. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation in Gospel Principles and then set up an appointment to see them on Thursday! So that was really an amazing experience! Oh! Also Dom cannot find his records so he may have to get baptized again. So that would be really cool also!

      So in the first 2 days in my new flat I got about a million Flea Bites... So I have now sprayed the ENTIRE flat and I have taken care of it. So no more fleas but a lot of bites! Yeah!!!  Don't worry about the Fleas mom.... I got rid of them. It's all goods. 

       Well that is my Email. Sorry I don't have too much this week! It will be better next week I promise! 

                                                               Love Elder Seelos!

Elder Bass and I gettin stuff done!

Elder Long and I.  It is SO beautiful here!!!!
Cool missionary picture!

Elder Staniscia and I
Elder Bass and I.  BTW...he LOVES my ugly hat and asked to wear it!!  

My rugby buddy Elder Dalton

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