Sunday, March 27, 2016

A baptism and a broken key....

  Well Guess What!!!! We had a Baptism on Saturday... YES!!!! Haha. Elder Bass and I are calling it our Miracle Baptism! We were able to Baptize our Investigator Lucy Aholelei. Lucy is a 9 year old girl. Her whole family is active. So I honestly am not sure why she wasn't baptized yet. I think they are recently returning Less Actives. So the missionaries have been teaching her for about 3 months now. I came in and there were still a few lessons left. So on Monday we talked to them and wanted to set them for the beginning of April. So we talked to them and talked about the 5th(a Tuesday), and they agreed. So we then thought about it and we realized that the next Sunday would be Conference. So we went back on Wednesday and said that we would have to either do it the 2nd or wait until after conference to do the Baptism. Well Brother Aholelei decided he just wanted to get it "Done with!" He had "Waited long enough" So he asked if we could do this Saturday. We told him that we had to teach a bit more but if we saw them every day before the Baptism we could get it knocked out. So we did just that. We taught her on Thursday and Friday and did the Interview an hour before the Baptism on Saturday then She jumped in the water and we did it! It was so great! We were so happy to see her get to make that Covenant. She was so happy all day! So that is our Miracle Baptism!!

     So over all we had a pretty busy week. It was pretty crazy to be honest. We had a lot of appointments to make and A LOT of people that we had to see. So we were kind of frazzled this week. Its such a nice change to what I am use to. It so nice to be genuinely busy. I'm loving it down South! Its the Land of Miracles!!!

     So now for our funny story of the week! We were getting ready for the baptism and we were filling the font and we just were leaving to get a few more things ready and we had borrowed a key from the Second Councilor to get into the building and the font and as we were leaving I tossed Elder Bass the Keys. Well he didn't catch them and they fell on the floor. Well as they hit the floor one of the keys literally broke in half.... Like what the heck... A key literally broke right before our eyes. So we tried to fix it and no luck so we called Bishop and he said not to worry about it and so we gave it back to the Second Councilor and yeah... We broke a key. 

      Well we got to have a bit of fun this week! The Elders Quorum had an activity. We had a bike ride at 7 in the morning. So we started by the flat then rode until about 10 then had a Feed at the park. It was honestly so fun! A few Less Actives showed up and we got to meet some new people and help create some bonds in the EQ. Our Elders Quorum is so great! They are all so fun and just get along! We have such a great time!

So that's my week for Y'all! It was pretty fun! Thanks for the Emails and I'll see you Later!

Love Elder Seelos!
Elder Neufi's District!

Bored waiting for our appointment....

Still bored....
Me and Mahony...sorry, blurry

Elders Quorum bike ride

Lucy and her family at her baptism


Zone conference! 

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