Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trade off's and a Brazilian Companion!

Well this week has been a great one! A whole lot went on this week! 2 Trade off's, heaps of fun, and a new comp. So its been interesting...

     So on Tuesday I got to go on trade off's with Elder Long! It was honestly AWESOME to spend time with him! I loved it. I left right after District Meeting with him.  We got to visit and tract and do normal missionary things and it was so fun because we could talk and be our selves. It was great for us both! It was awesome to get to be able to really actually speak English to someone.

Hold on.....I'll be right back.  

Well that was a really unfortunate situation... We just had to pay $200 to get a boot off another missionaries car... He accidentally parked in Private Parking and the guy put a boot on it... And I'm about 99% sure he was a member also... He knew the car was a missionary car and came and found us. So that is why I just used my debit card. Elder Saulo didn't have $200 on him so I used my card and so then he just exchanged some Australian money and he payed me back... It literally was so stupid! Now I'm just angry...

Anyways, back to my email!

     So an update on my investigators. Alyshia wasn't at church because she went to the YSA ward to check it out. I haven't heard from her if she liked it or not. So we will see whats up. We met with Maui, Vienne, and Tabita this week though! Tabita is about half way through 2nd Nephi. She is doing so great! She is really so great! She is showing so much progress! I have loved getting to teach her and her family! 

     So Elder Long has been teaching seminary in his ward for the last week. So on trade off's I went with him and we taught seminary. We had to wake up at 4:45 to get up and ready for seminary that starts at 6... So that made for a long day... I ended up taking an hour long nap during dinner because I was so tired. I also got to teach this morning. Partially because he doesn't want to teach with his comp because his English (or lack of) makes it so hard. But also because we teach well together. So we got to teach together 2 times now! Its actually been really fun! We are teaching Genesis. So a lot of different strange things! I have loved it though!

    So now about my New Comp. He is from Brazil. He just got back from the Cook Islands. He needed somewhere to stay until transfers. So he gets to be with Elder Chi and I. So it has actually really been fun! Its been nice to get to be with him! His name is Elder Steniscia. He is a really cool guy! I really like him! We get along really well! So it has been so much better having 3 of us instead of just us 2. 

So that's my boring az email this week! Sorry about that.  
Love you guys! Love Elder Seelos!

We went on a p-day adventure to see some of this amazing country.  It is so beautiful here.  And my mom is glad I'm not wearing what she calls my "ugly shirt and hat!"  

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