Sunday, March 20, 2016

Great week, and bad things happen in 3's....

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a GREAT week!

So to start out I will just say that I have had such a great week! Like as much as I loved my last companions and my other areas, I have completely loved being here in this ward with Elder Bass! It has been so fun! Elder Bass is really fun and we just get along together! So its no stress. 

So here's the Low Down. I will first start off introducing a few of my Investigators. So First off is Dom and Madison. So they are the family that came to church last week (If you remember that story). So we went over on Friday to see them and teach them. Before we did that we called President Balli, because they live out of our area.... Which really stinks! The issue though is the fact that they want to come to our ward because its where Dom got baptized in 1999, so a while ago. So President Balli said that it would be best to have them go to their ward, but we cant control them. So we talked to the Bishop (awesome guy! Very Helpful!) and to our Ward Mission Leader (Not as awesome! Not that Helpful!) and to The Ward Mission Leaders Son, who just returned from serving in Fiji (Really Awesome guy! Very Very Helpful!) So basically they all said different thing.... So that was stink. President Balli told us to ultimately go with the Bishops feelings and what he wants us to do. So we are going to be teaching them for now and work with them until we feel like they are strong enough to move to the other ward then move them there! So Dom is a Less Active Returning Member, and Madison is an Inactive Jehovah's Witness who is Very Open to us!

So now about our other Investigator Cyprian. He is a 12 year old boy. He is the foster kid of a Very Active family in our ward. He is really great! The missionaries have been teaching him for a while now and he is ready to be baptized! The only hold up is his real parents. Because he is a foster kid and not adopted we still need some permission from his real parents to baptize him. So he sees them every other Saturday for lunch. So he has asked them before and they said no. But he asked them again last Saturday and they said they would think about it! So we are hoping in 2 more weeks we will get a yes!!!

Now for the EXCITING stories!!! 

       So on Friday we had a Zone Conference. This is a mission thing that they do over the whole week and combine 3 zones together and then we get a training from President and the Assistants and other missionaries. So it was Penrose Zone (Me) Tamaki Zone and Otara Zone together for this. Elder Bass was asked to give a 10 minute training on Nightly Planning. While I was mocking him for having to give this a few days later they said that we had to do it together... So that was stink. So we gave our training. It went well, no mess ups.  At zone training's the members of the stake that we have it in make us lunch. So we were in Otara and some of the women made us a great lunch of spaghetti and Curry and Rice, and they even had JELL-O with Fruit in it! So everyone ate then we finished our zone training and went home. 
         Well we finished off the day and went to bed, then the next morning we woke up and I was saying my prayer and all of a sudden I was like "Oh man... I need to go to the Bathroom!" So I went to the bathroom and did my business I guess and then I came out and I looked at Elder Bass and he was getting off his bed and coming to the Bathroom. Well he also had the "Oh man" feeling, just a bit after me. So we thought oh well there must have been something bad in the dinner last night... So Elder Bass then goes out to the car and comes back in on the phone. I looked at him and he told me to go look at the car because our window was smashed! So I went out and like he said the window was smashed in. It was the little window on the back door. Not one of the roll down ones. But whatever. So nothing was stolen so we were really confused... But we called the mission office and we called the glass place and they came and fixed it. But then I asked Elder Bass who was on the phone. Well he was talking to Elder Maxfield, our Assistant. He was calling to see if our Zone was sick. Well we called around and yes, they were. So apparently the Curry (which everyone ate) at Zone Training was bad. So about 60 missionaries were sick from the bad curry and heaps of missionaries were up all night sick... So that was pretty funny! 
            Well I have always been told that Bad things happen in 3's, so I was getting ready. I was prepared for whatever else was going to happen. Although what happened wasn't bad. But it was funny! We were going to visit some people on Saturday and we parked the car and we saw a guy walking in front of us, so we got out and started to talk to him and we quickly found out that he was High as a Kite! Because of this he was EXTREMELY funny! We found out his name was Aux (His whole name is something weird but it means August Night Death) and he lived right across the street. He invited us to come over and chat. So we did. The entire time we were there he was making us laugh so hard! He lived at 2A and on his mail box next to the 2 he had written k-47 So he lived at 2AK-47. We asked what he had done that day and he said that he was with his friend, who is a girl. He told us that she smokes more than he does and that he smoked today. He asked us if we had smoked, when we said no he said "Man I wish I had some and I would let you have it!" We both left Cracking up! It was so funny!

Well that is my week! Sorry for such a long Email, But hopefully I got some laughs! Love you!

Love Elder Seelos

Our broken window

Elder Bass and I

Elder Leung and I

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